Free meal planning printables!

Because the best way to start planning is, well, starting to plan...


Grab our top printables!

There is nothing fancy or complicated about meal planning, you just have to start doing it. Download these PDFs, print them and start planning your meals and diet. Use a pen or a pencil, write down your recipes on the weekdays. If not happy, trash, print, and start again. When the schedule is filled up, stick it to your fridge.

Plan your shopping

Use your meal plan to fill your grocery shopping list; its is quite simple to know what to buy when you have your menu planned for the whole calendar week. Just put your recipes ingredients on the list, and you’ll have a seven day worth of grocery lined up, easily.

Eat better

You will find out it’s much easier to achieve a balanced diet when you plan your meals. This simple printable calendars will help you and your family get the best from your meal schedules. Build you balanced diet day by day, with Menu Plan

Is there an app for that?

Glad you asked.

Of course there is. In fact all of the above printables have been generated with Menu Plan, the best app to schedule your weekly meals and put them on your calendar.

Use Menu Plan to store all your recipes; then you can plan your weekly menu with a few simple taps.

On top of that, if you’re into paper and printed stuff (like I am) you can print out those week menus with a fancy collection of color palettes, and them stick them to your fridge, for all your family to see. And you can also create empty printables like the ones you see here.

Wait, there’s more! With Menu Plan your shopping lists are automatically generated an updated. All the ingredients will be on the list, so you go shopping for groceries; of course you can print the list, or share it to the Reminders app.

Recipes are grouped by food type, and there’s pie graph give you an instant glance of the food you’re eating; it’s easy to check on your diet and make sure it is balanced.


See it in action!

Hey, but I really prefer paper!

Well, meal planning does not necessarily involve technology. That is why we made the Menu Plan printables in the first place.

Of course you might want something different; maybe you need some templates with a different style, or you are looking for some special feature you cannot find in the Menu Plan templates.

Here is a selection of alternative templates to help you with your meal planning.

This is a growing list, so come back in a while for updated resources!