v2.1.3: Brazil

Posted by Davide 

This new version is all about Brazil and its wonderful variant of Portuguese. Well, not all, there are also a few iOS 14 fixes.


European Portuguese was added to menu Plan on August 2022. Adding the Brazialian variant was always the plan, but I was quite busy working on Menu Plan 2.0 and on Read Me Aloud.

With 2.1.2 I added the Brazialian version of the Store page, but Brazilian users would still get the European variant inside the app. Now I’ve added full Brazialian support, and people rom Brazil will enjoy Menu PLan in their own language.

iOS 14

An Italian user, Luca, wrote to me last week, signalling a bug related to iOS 14.
I started investigating, and realized that there were a few issues realted to this older iOS release.
I set out to fix them, and here we are.

This is for now. You’ll be veray happy if you’re a Brazialian user, or are on iOS 14. Otherwise, you might enjoy some minor bug fixes that I did on the side.

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