v2.60: Sharing is caring!

Posted by Davide 

Menu Plan 2.60 is the first installment of a set of new improvements to come.

I started out by doing the most obvious thing, that is fixing what was broken.

Sharing that works reliably

Sharing was introduced in Menu Plan with 2.0.
It is based on the iOS system sharing mechanism, the same that powers Calendar, Reminders and other iCloud apps.

Unfortunately the sharing APIs in iOS were not reliable: a number of users contacted me saying they were not able to share their meal plan. I tried to contact Apple a few times, and we started a discussion, but the issue was still there.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I decided I’d try and fix sharing, again.
I found out that iOS system sharing had been completely revamped with iOS 16, and new APIs were available. I contacted Apple again and, after their suggestion, I switched Menu Plan to the new APIs. Lo and behold, sharing started working again, much more reliably.
I streamlined the sharing UI to make it more usable and prepared Menu Plan 2.6, and here we are!

More fixes

Menu Plan v2.60 features a couple of extra fixes, prompted by the feedback of an Italian user:

  • There was some troubles with the Calendar and Reminders integrations, especially when they were first activated. I investigated and found a couple of small bugs that were fixed.
  • There were problems related to saving food groups and changing their colors. Both issues are fixed now.
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